The Idea

The main idea of the AI behind Compose Mi is to support composers and their needs. Music is too complicated so:

We can't count on AI. We need composers!

But sometimes composers also need help, because there is something called "writer's block". When a composer loses the ability to produce new work, he should try something new. Compose Mi offers services like "Melody Completion", "Harmonization", "Composing Melody Over Primary Chords", "Melody Reconstruction", "Rythm Reconstruction" and everything is powered by AI. This AI can compose melodies, motifs, harmony, and everything can be used to assemble а new compositions.

Compose Mi uses something called Lead Sheet .

If you have melody and you want to harmonize it - use the "Compose Harmony" button. This will take your melody, tokenize it, convert it into a vector, and then give it to the model. The model will return a new harmony. This way, you can harmonize your melodies with AI. If you have some chords, the AI will take them and complete the harmony after them.

Analogically, if you have the harmony and you want some new motifs - use the "Compose Melody" button. It will take the chord progression (remember this is a lead sheet so we have melody and harmony like two instruments, for example - saxophone and guitar), preprocess it, and give it to the model. The model will return a new melody.

If you want to just complete your composition - use the "Complete" button.

About the AI

Composing is a very difficult task. Think of it for a moment. How much time it will take for a person to become a good composer? A year, two or maybe five... If you want to be a composer, you should study music theory, you should practice, you should listen to a lot of orchestrations and compositions.

AI can handle music theory in a noninterpretable way, but the biggest problem is the lack of data. The most important thing when you train a model is what kind of data you're using. Compose Mi can compose only pop music...For now... But this is just the beginning! We're searching for new data to train our models so soon AI orchestrating will be possible(Jazz, Cinematic, etc...).

The Team

Tsvetoslav Nikolov

Web Developer
AI Enthusiast


"Музиката е доста трудно за разбиране изкуство. Несъмнено навлизаме в ерата на изкуствения интелект, но макар и невронните мрежи да имат добър успех в генерирането на изкуството („state-of-art“), в центъра на „Compose Mi“ са композиторът и идеите му, а изкуственият интелект е просто един съветник, който наблюдава случващото се и взима участие само когато композиторът реши, че има нужда. По този начин човек и компютър работят заедно и създават изкуство."

Цветослав Николов - Създадел на Compose Mi

"Music is quite difficult to understand. Undoubtedly we are entering the era of artificial intelligence, but although neural networks have had pretty good success in generating art (state-of-art), at the center of Compose Mi are the composer and his ideas, artificial intelligence is just an advisor who observes what is happening and takes part only when the composer decides. This way, humans and computers work together and create art."